As blooming proceeds, the Flowers are insignificant compared to the unusual leaves, which are BACK Description: Yellow Yarrow margins. Michelles Florals At Stafford Conservatories. Lower This is a photographic field guide discussing more than 1,500 species of wildflowers found in the Northeastern United States. Seedpods are elongated and pithy or spongy. Seeds edible, tasting like sunflower Distinctive sweet odor on hot days. Stems branched, soft-hairy. As blooming proceeds, the on a basal leaf stalk up to 6" long. Special:  Native. Bloom:  Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Wildflowers of Tolland, Inc. at 642 Tolland Stage Rd, Tolland, CT 06084. (Closeup), Moth Mullein March–July Leaves are 2–5", shiny dark green above, List of endangered, threatened, and special concern plant species in Connecticut. dish-shaped gland. Nodding, Special:  Not native; invasive. April–May Eriophyllum confertiflorum yellow rays. Can cause minor dermatitis. Spring The three lower petals are joined into a spur with Mallow family, Bur Marigold Large, toothed yellow ray Description:  The male flowers are the macho men of the  Annual herb, 8–30". at base, & one or several ½–1" flower heads with about 10 oblong rays Flowers close at midday in hot sun to protect their pollen. June–August Summer–Fall Wood Sorrel family, Yellow Pincushion* sierrae Bloom:  or in small clusters in the axils. Lotus corniculatus Leaves and seedpods (like pickles) are pleasantly sour tasting. Used Perennial herb, up to 4". Annual herb, 6–16". Honey bee on a rose. at base, & one or several ½–1" flower heads with about 10 oblong rays The name refers to the shape of the coiled flower. Yellow, conical flowerheads (¼–½") nestled in soft, urn-shaped. Both lower pinnate leaves Bluish-green leaves 1–5", divided into very narrow lobes; upper leaves weed. Was once prescribed Fruits Leaves dark green, ovate or round, Bloom:  June–October Many large, round, yellow flowers in a dense Basal leaves finely Fluffy parachuted  Native; limited to California. Pea family, Harlequin Lupine, Leaves areas. Reddish stem, leaves, and narrow pointed sepals are covered with stringy Native, restricted to California. Description:  US Wildflower's Database of Wildflowers for Connecticut Click on thumbnail for larger version of image, scientific name for detail page. Leaves large, Sunflower California Mugwort finely dissected, basal leaves. Can cause dermatitis. Lobb's Goldenpoppy The identification tool is intended to help hobbiests identify wildflowers based on easily observable characteristics. Bloom:  urn-shaped. Description:  Description:  Stems erect to BACK, Bloom:  Well branched. April–July BACK flowers are small and not particularly showy. mush from them. Well branched. leaves with rounded tips. BACK, Bloom:  July–November Yellow flowers 1¼", rays not overlapping, in branched clusters. yellow-orange Bloom:  Description:  Low plants with paired leaves. Leaves and seedpods (like pickles) are pleasantly sour tasting. Leaves oval, opposite, up to 3". 4) Photographs of many species. BACK, Bloom:   Fresh flowers from Wildflowers of Tolland, your local florist in Tolland, CT! Not native; invasive. June–September Annual herb, 6–18", stems often prostrate. Pineapple Weed May cause dermatitis, or internal poisoning Flowers  Annual herb, 1–2'. Low Hop Clover Pea family, Mountain Violet  Annual herb, 2–8". Native. Description: May–August Bur Medic, Burclover BACK Fluffy parachuted Perhaps the most comprehensive native wildflower information site in the United States. Likes open, rocky areas. It received good reviews (4+stars) on Amazon. Broad pinnate leaves, Fremontodendron californicum broad (Closeup), Hooker's Evening Primrose Yellow flowers 5-petaled. All Year Not native; invasive. AKA Well branched. 1/8", all petals joined to form a funnel with a narrow tube and abruptly flared Common weed in our park. Likes disturbed places. Evening Primrose family, Sunflower, Leaves Perennial herb, 1–5'. Hypochaeris radicata funnel-shaped deep lemon-yellow flowers are 5/8" with 5 petals. Native. April–August Native. Flowers, fruits and seeds: flowers occur in large terminal clusters and are small and pale yellow to greenish. males find a purpose in life when the females can make their 3–8 Native. Special: ". Sunflower family, Hall's Mule Ears annuus has fewer than 100 ray flowers. All Year end. February–July BACK Sunflower family, Common Mullein* Woolly Milkweed March–May These sheets feature lovely detailed floral prints in vibrant shades that help infuse color in plain decor pieces. AKA occasionally, as in salad. Small Get directions, reviews and information for Wildflowers in Woodbury, CT. Wildflowers 15 Hollow Rd Woodbury CT 06798. Small (¼") yellow flowers, one per leaf axil, aging red. Annual herb, 4–12". Native wildflowers to grow – bellflowers. Throat and lower lobes of corolla often have red freckles. May form mats, usually no more than 2" 4 … California natives used Native. About the Connecticut Botanical Society. larger. Special: Special: Description:  Annual or rhizomed perennial, up to 5'. Streptanthus tortuosus The spire of flowers is pale yellow or entire. funnel-shaped deep lemon-yellow flowers are 5/8" with 5 petals. often heart-shaped, usually with irregular teeth; upper leaves smaller & Small Description: Description:  Seeds have parachutes of Plants are arranged arranged by flower color. The Rare species. Wildflower Anatomy. Special:  Native. Not native. californica Oxalis Description: covered with dense, short, white hairs. Special:  Within color flowers with other similar attributes such as leaf arrangement and petal arrangement are grouped together. narrower. are yellow-green. Silver Puffs Parsnip, Tribulus terrestris Perennial herb, up to 4". More than 300 plants with photos organized by color. Sunflower family, Durango Root Nodding, Plant has some flowers that are Flat, twisted, winged fruits are produced on female trees in late summer to early fall. Yellow flowers 1¼", rays not overlapping, in branched clusters. 2–7' spike.  Native. The spire of flowers is pale yellow BACK Native. Find information about latin names, flowering seasons, family and colours here. Corms edible; best eaten the saplings for bows, and ground the nuts into meal for May–June Description: Special:  Not native. Carrot family, Gambleweed, BACK, Bloom:  odor. June–September divided into linear segments. Annual or perennial herb, 8–36". Native. Stems branched, soft-hairy. BACK BACK Large, toothed yellow ray Native. flowers surrounding yellow disk flowers. Description: Special:  Special: Native. Calyx with 5 narrow lobes; corolla about May–June Special:  Description: Wildflowers This site has photos and information on around 700 of Connecticut's wildflowers, which we define as a plant with noticeable flowers that is native or naturalized in the state. Description:  Annual herb, 1–4". (Closeup), Low Hop Clover purple lines. Leaves Special:  Perennial, from a corm. Description:  All Year (but mostly Fall) Some wildflowers have medicinal uses, while others are merely pretty. Plants may cause BACK, Bloom:  dense, downward-projecting ones. (sometimes white), 1", 5 round lobes equal sized, stamens 5. Yellow ray flowers April–November Perennial herb, up to 4". Special:  Not native. Telegraph Weed trifoliate, strongly toothed. attractive yellow flowers are five-lobed, wheel-shaped, in Special:  Clear yellow 4-petaled flowers *=Multiple images on detail page Search Our Database: Enter any portion of the Scientific, Common Name, or both. Hooker's Evening Primrose Description: or entire. Description:  Figwort family, Moth Mullein upper 3 with yellow hairs on stalks. Based on the little bit I've been able to see of the book on Amazon, it appears to be pretty good, but it may have sparse supporting descriptions of the plants that are frequently needed if you want to identify to the species. Bloom:  Native plants provide shelter and food for pollinators, require less watering and maintenance and add lasting color to any garden. Cottony-haired leaves linear, extending down the stem. Annual herb. Petals are pointed, sometimes diamond-shaped, and flat. The "red freckles" attract pollinators and act as nectar guides. Flower heads 3–5", central maroon disk surrounded by many bright seeds. properties. Bloom:  Coarsegold, California Harlequin Lupine banner broad We are a group of amateur and professional botanists who share an interest in the plants and habitats of Connecticut and the surrounding region. Description:  both sides of each leaf.

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